The majority of my work consists of tuning pianos in private homes. If you would like to schedule a tuning, please give me a call or complete my website contact form, and we can arrange a time that best suits you. If you have any questions prior to your scheduling, just let me know. The following information may be helpful.

Every piano manufacturer recommends tuning at least twice a year. Generally, even if your piano has gone without tuning for as long as 12 months, a normal tuning will return the piano’s pitch to the correct level. If your piano has gone without tuning for more than one year, the pitch may have dropped too much for the piano to be returned to standard pitch in a normal tuning. If that is the case, please send a request for a quote, or call on the phone. Please include the approximate number of years since the last tuning, and I will explain what is needed.

If your piano has not been tuned on a regular basis, more tuning may be required. This is because pianos have over 200 strings with about 150 lbs. tension each, which totals around 30,000 lbs. of tension on a wooden structure. As a result, pianos are constantly dropping in tension and in pitch. If your piano has not been tuned within 12 months, it may have dropped in pitch too much to be brought back up in one tuning. The extra tuning is required, because for every amount I raise the pitch on a string, it changes back 10-38% in ten minutes. A pitch raise, then, consists of rough tuning the instrument above standard pitch by a calculated amount, so that the pitch ends up close enough to A-440 (standard pitch) that on a second tuning, it can be tuned optimally.

I am also available for studio and concert tuning. I have years of experience working with performing artists, and I frequently receive compliments on the accuracy of my work.